1. Carols by Candlelight
  2. Winning at the Eisteddfod
  3. Courtney Newnham
  4. Amy and Mari- Duet
  5. Naughty
  6. Rachel Habermann
  7. The Cast of 'Our Little Concert'
  8. Marisabel Bonet-Cruz
  9. Singing Stella
  10. Regina Crook
  11. Janine and Regina


'I would thoroughly recommend Regina as a singing teacher and performance mentor. After many years away from singing lessons and the stage, Regina was instrumental in helping me to regain my confidence in both my singing voice and performance of songs. She is a gifted singer and teacher who is able to teach in such a way that students feel safe and encouraged to strive for their dreams, whether big or small. Lessons are catered perfectly to the individual and I have seen Regina, on many occasions, go above and beyond to help her students in their endevours.'
                                          - Janine

'I’d just like to say that Regina is  a true angel! I am so glad that you have become a part of my life .I never thought I would ever get the chance to sing and you have bought that dream to a reality. Every lesson you bring a HUGE bubble of happiness to me. I feel that I am growing into a happier and  more confident person because of you. I may not be hitting the high notes yet but with you by my side I defiantly will. I have never had someone take me under their wing and be so proud of me for reaching and smashing even the littlest goal, every milestone I make you are right there cheering the loudest and for that I will be forever grateful.'
                    -Liza Eaton, 
                     33 yr old mum of 2